Medicine Mart Staff

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Tiffany Bell, Pharm D, Pharmacist in Charge

Tiffany is a lifetime resident of Aiken, graduating from MUSC in 2008. She enjoys quality time with family, friends, singing and shopping. She has a strong desire to help others and meet the needs of her customers.


Katherine Hicks, RPh

Katherine founder and former owner of Medicine Mart, graduated from USC in 1981, opened Medicine Mart in 1985. Katherine has a passion and dedication to patient care.

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Darrell Morgan, RPh

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Jesse Good, Certified Pharmacy Technician

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Linda Thompson, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Certified Shoe Fitter

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Penny Gaskin, Certified Pharmacy Technician

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Erica Thurmond, Certified Pharmacy Technician

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Kim Bryant, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Delivery Driver